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Red Automate

Full ($0.99)
Change almost any setting on your phone automatically based only a number of triggers like time of day, location, dock state, power status, and more. Even launch another application or remote start your car!

There is no difference in functional between the Full and Donate versions. If you like Chronos, please consider buying the Epic edition to support the developer.

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Game Clock

Full (Free)
A game clock with 6 timing modes, (Basic, Fischer Before, Fischer After, Bronstien, Hourglass, Simple Delay), 1/10th of a second accuracy. Perfect for chess, or any other two player game where players' turns are timed. Tap the screen to switch players! When a player's timer runs out an alarm sounds and the device vibrates.
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Red Torrent

Full ($0.99) | Lite (Free)
A multi-threaded client for bit torrent. Download torrent files with your phone! Warning, can use a LOT of data, so an unlimited data plan or using only with WiFi is recommended.
  • Lite is limited to 1 download at a time.
  • Full version can download multiple torrents at once
  • No speed limit
  • Download queue
  • Select which files from a torrent to get
  • Downloading only while on WiFi (including auto-resume when WiFi is reconnected)
  • Downloading only while plugged in (including auto-resume when power is reconnected)
  • Port configuration
  • Change download location
  • Set Maximum active connections per Torrent
  • Set Maximum active pieces per Torrent
  • HTTP and UDP Trackers

Red torrent is open source, licensed under the GPLv3. For project information and source code, visit the project page.

Red torrent uses the jBittorrent library.

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W! Widget

Full (Free)
A home screen widget that shows the current items up for sale on and its sub-sites. Features:
  • Adjustable size!
  • Shows title, price, image, and sold out percentage
  • Choose which sub-woots you want displayed
  • Receive an alert when there is a woot-off
  • Match items based on keyword
  • Adjustable refresh rate during woot-offs
  • Supports the Pebble smart watch