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Red Torrent - Help and FAQ

Quick Start Guide

The Main Screen


Download only when on WiFi

Checking this box restricts downloading to only when the device is connected to a WiFi network. This can be very advantageous if you have a limited data plan with your cellular provider. If the WiFi connection is lost, torrents will automatically stop downloading.

Auto-resume when reconnected to WiFi

Checking this box will cause torrents to start downloading when a connection to a WiFi network is reestablished after being lost.
  • This setting will only work while the Red Torrent Service (the background task) is running!

Limit WiFi to specific networks

Checking this box will limit activity to only certain WiFi networks as specified by their SSIDs. Very useful for limiting activity to only your home network and excluding work or the local coffee shop. By itself, this setting will allow downloading on cellular networks AND specified WiFi networks. Use in conjunction with Download only when on WiFi to limit activity to only WiFi and only specific networks.

Manage Networks

Used with Limit WiFi to specific networks. Clicking this button opens a dialog to manage the list of approved WiFi SSIDs. This is for explicitly listing which networks you want to limit activity to. Enter an SSID into the text field, then hit the + button. To remove an SSID from the list, click the X button next to it's name in the list. To edit a SSID, remove it then re-add with the corrected name.

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