About Red Lightning

I am a mildy interesting jack of nearly all trades. I enjoy working in the digital realm as well as the physical. However, I'm easily bored so often times projects will get started, but then I'll move on to something else and come back to the original project in a while. Maybe. If I think it's important. Or cool. Or not. Mayhbe. Probably.

Anyway, feel free to browse around, leave a comment on a video, shoot me a message, or at least get inspired to try something new yourself!

Privacy Policy

Red Lightning (and by obvious extension myself) does not collect any personal data at all from site visitors or users of the Android apps. Privacy is of upmost concern for me, and no amount of scurity is perfect. Therefore, I have chosen to simply not bother collecting anything. Thus, I have nothing to sell off or risk to a breach. Besides, lets be honest, your data probably isn't all that interesting anyway.